three main technical disciplines from a single mind

In todays' world of engineering lots of technical problems are solved by a mix of mechanical systems combined with electronics and software, needing at least three engineers to work on such projects.


This is not very efficient in smaller projects when a lot of time is wasted by the necessary communication between the engineers of each discipline.

MeSwel is the solution!

MeSwel can make your multidisciplinary project more cost and time efficient by eliminating the need for interdisciplinary communication as the three main technical disciplines of mechanical, software and electronics engineering are mastered in just one mind.


This brings the best technical balance in your project and leads to the most efficient solution, carefully choosing the right balance between each discipline without the need of (biased) communication between discipline experts.


We can support your project from idea up to production with the ability to produce prototypes in our workshop and/or together with our manufacturing partners.