About me

MeSwels' owner and founder is Michiel Slegers.

I've been busy with technical stuff from a young age on. My grandfather had his own machine shop and lots of hours were spend only looking at my grandfather working on his lathe. I can still enjoy looking at a modern CNC machine and the typical smell in a machine shop always remembers me on the old days with my grandfather.


When I grew up I got interested in electronics and I decided to start a Bachelor study in electronics design. During my study I always liked to built stuff bringing theory in to practise, combining electronics and software with mechanical systems brought me the most joy.


When I graduated in electronic design, I decided to start another Bachelor in mechanical engineering. My idea behind this choice was to have the in depth knowledge in both fields and be able to 'look behind borders' and come up with the best balanced technical solutions possible.


After graduating, I was eager to find a job where I could use my knowledge in software, electronics and mechanical engineering. I worked at various companies, small and big, enjoyed it but I was never able to really utilize my broad, in depth knowledge. So with more than 12 years of experience the time was right to start my own engineering consultancy company named MeSwel.


MeSwel stands for: Me(chanical) S(oft)w(are) el(ectronics)

And the capital M and S are from the initials of Michiel Slegers.




MeSwel B.V.


The Netherlands




VAT number: NL862776065B01