IKA 2020

In the weekend of 25 & 26th of January we were in Offenbach again. It was good to see a lot of visitors and people showing interest in the EP line systems. It gives us the required "thumbs up" to continue the project and get it ready for sale in 2020!

Please keep an eye on the events section on which we'll be publishing testing days and you can see the systems in action on the track.

January 2020

Finally an update!


We've been so busy developing, testing, developing etc. that the website got a bit behind.

Sorry to all who are so desperate to know more about the status of the project and release date!


During 2019 we've made big progress on getting all the subsystems developed and produced. For example the battery management system is now completely developed in-house to get the system up to the specifications necessary for a reliable and compact system used in kart racing.

Also we tested a full new battery concept using a different kind of battery cells, requiring a full redesign of the battery enclosure.


All above doesn't show a lot on the externals of the kart, it still looks the same as in 2017, but there's so much done during that time, that it took up to mid 2019 to get it back on track in the latest specification.


During the hot summer in The Netherlands in 2019 (with temperature up to 40°C !) we've done a lot of testing in these hot conditions. It turned out that some parts of the EP50 system are not up to the job in these hot conditions. As we want to develop a system that can cope with these high temperatures we decided to change the system once again.


That means that the previous EP50 system will be downgraded to an EP20 system, which is fully air-cooled.

During 2020, the new EP20 system will be build up to production specification and finally released, including flyers and spec sheets which are not on the website yet.


The new EP50 system wil be water cooled to have better thermal management in hot conditions.

The new EP50 will be presented on the "Internationale Kart Austellung" (international kart exhibition) in Offenbach Germany - held on January 25th and 26th 2020.


Also new in 2020 is that we will publish the dates when we hit the track for testing. People that are interested can visit the track (may be combine it with a track day of your own) and see the systems in action. Later, we will be able to let interested people test the systems, but that will be the next step after we're fully convinced the systems are ready.


So, still a lot to do, but we'll get there in the end!


Hope to see you all in Offenbach or on the track!

July 2018

Finally we hit the track after doing lots of tests on private parking places and nearby industrial areas.

Not much to say about it, it performed as expected having the performance of a Rotax Max Sr.


As video's tell you 100 times more than I can write here, below a few impressions from test at the Berghem kart circuit in The Netherlands.


Special thanks to Kombikart and Van Der Pol kart racing who already did so much to help me getting things started!

February 2018

With both the Dutch and IKA kart exhibitions in January, it was a busy time to get everything ready in time and to show the EP50 prototype. We got a lot of attention from all the visitors and many of them subscribed to the newsletter and chance to win a testdrive.

We'll schedule a few test days in the upcoming season and we'll then present the winners of the testdrive and we'll write them a personal invitation.


We'll like to thank everyone that visit our booth and below are some pictures of these great days!


At the moment we're working flat out on the final parts and get everything ready for testing.

We'll keep you posted once we hit the track!

December 17th

On a cold but sunny winter day it was time to do some more testing, again on the local cycle track.

Especially the performance of the regenerative braking was tested. After some initial problems we managed to perform all the tests. A short pass-by clip is shown below.


december 6th

December 6th will forever be a special day. It was the first driving test of the EP50 drive.
Various general system checks were performed on low and medium speeds.

Although, only at low speed and in low quality video, we hope you can enjoy the below video!